The Three Systemic Functions – Neurological Function

The brain and the nerves are the computer and electrical system that monitor and control all the workings of the body.

1. Incoming Impulses: Reports from the tissues and organs travel along neurons to the brain, which is then able to keep a running inventory on all the workings of the body. The brain monitors all physiological processes.

2. Outgoing Impulses: The brain sends out controlling, corrective commands through neurons to all the tissues and organs. The brain animates and controls all physiologic processes.

Any weakness or impairment of Neurological Function can prevent some commands from passing between the brain and the tissues. As Neurological Function gets weaker, brain and neurological symptoms and diseases often arise. Furthermore, since Neurological Function is systemic, it’s weakness can lead to symptoms anywhere in the body.

Also, the brain and nerves must be fed and cleaned by Blood Function just like any other tissues. In fact, the brain uses more oxygen and certain nutrients and hormones than any other organ.

Even slightly decreased
oxygen, nutrient or hormone levels in the brain
can cause poor mental clarity or memory,
or even serious neurological health problems.

Weak Neurological Function can appear as chronic pain, poor physical coordination, or slow learning ability. It can manifest as poor mental clarity (poor memory, concentration, etc.) and many other symptoms. Symptoms such as these should first be brought to the attention of a professional health care provider. However, a great deal can be accomplished toward improving Neurological Function, and therefore many chronic health problems, by using the techniques taught in The Systemic Health Recovery Course.

We’ll take a look at the third Systemic Function, Vitality Function, in the next post.

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