“I had severe asthma that started 23 years ago and got quickly worse. I was using an inhaler once or twice a day along with daily oral meds. Even when I used my meds correctly I would have 3 or 4 asthma attacks a week.

I started Systemic Health and within a few weeks I had fewer asthma attacks. Part Two of the course got me sleeping SO WELL my energy level increased dramatically. After 6 months I started gradually reducing my meds with my doctors guidance. After one year I no longer use meds, ever, because I no longer have asthma.

FREEDOM!   I can jog with my kids again. I sleep like a rock. I no longer fear weather changes, dust, emotional stress, and all the other things that were ‘triggers’ to my asthma attacks.

I referred my sister who has arthritis to the Systemic Health program and she is very excited about her progress so far.”

– Nancy Gage, Seattle, WA