Three Systemic Functions – Vitality Function

Fatigue is the number one health complaint in our country today. For the individual who wants to overcome fatigue and regain energy, the first step is to admit that they need to learn more about where Vitality comes from, how it works, how it is lost and especially, how to […] Read more »

The Three Systemic Functions – Neurological Function

The brain and the nerves are the computer and electrical system that monitor and control all the workings of the body. 1. Incoming Impulses: Reports from the tissues and organs travel along neurons to the brain, which is then able to keep a running inventory on all the workings of […] Read more »

The Three Systemic Functions – Blood Function

The root causes of chronic health problems (we’ll discuss  root causes in another post) weaken the Three Systemic Functions of the body. As the Systemic Functions become weaker, every cell, tissue group, and organ in the body is adversely affected to some degree. When the tissues and organs are not […] Read more »

What Is Systemic Health?

Systemic Function and Local Function In conventional health care there has been far too much emphasis on treating only localized symptoms (local functions). Responding to public demand, our health care professionals focus primarily on localized pain and on the failure of individual organs or glands. We need a shift in […] Read more »

The Need for A Clear Definition of Health

There is a striking need for an essentially different kind of health education. One that demystifies the seemingly complex subject of health and puts simple, powerful health-building tools into the hands of everyone; tools that work no matter what our age or state of health. Most of us have lost […] Read more »

Can You Truly Improve Your Health?

Modern medical care provides many blessings, but it does not produce true personal or national health. More than 50% of Americans die from preventable cardiovascular disease; one third of us develop cancer; and an ever increasing percentage of us suffer from life threatening infectious diseases. In fact, most Americans have […] Read more »

The Purpose of Systemic Health Recovery Course

The purpose of The Systemic Health Recovery Study Course is to help you overcome your chronic health problems. You will be guided step-by-step through learning the five Systemic Health Techniques, and understanding the principles underlying them. When you understand why you are doing what you are doing, you can do it better. […] Read more »

A Magnificent Obsession for Health

From the time I regained my health I’ve had a magnificent obsession to help other people overcome chronic health problems. Learning the health traditions of the older cultures was an interesting study for me, but a long and complex one that started before my teens and lasted for decades. It has […] Read more »

My Journey from Illness to Systemic Health

I was diagnosed with asthma when I was less than two years old. That was just the beginning of my ailments. During my journey from illness to Systemic Health I learned why some people get sick and others don’t and what caused the increase in health problems in recent decades. […] Read more »