The Need for A Clear Definition of Health

There is a striking need for an essentially different kind of health education. One that demystifies the seemingly complex subject of health and puts simple, powerful health-building tools into the hands of everyone; tools that work no matter what our age or state of health.

Most of us have lost track of what true health is.

We can’t remember what it feels like to be truly healthy. Even most health care professionals, who must necessarily focus on pathology (mechanisms of disease), are not clear about what normal health actually is.

True health is more than
freedom from diagnosable disease or sets of symptoms.

What we need is a clear definition of health that will help us realize the degree to which we’ve lost our health. With the aid of a clear definition we can see where we are, set realistic goals for improvement, and feel encouraged as we track our progress towards exciting new levels of health.

If you don’t know what the target is
you’re not likely to hit it.

Systemic Health provides us with a definition of normal health based on principles that have withstood the test of time. Over the centuries this definition and the principles underneath it have worked effectively in many different cultures with different kinds of people experiencing many different kinds of health problems. They have also, just as reliably, withstood modern clinical observation and application.

Be forewarned, however. The definition of health that follows may seem unrealistic to you now, but it is completely realistic – and attainable!

Restoring our health is
more than getting rid of symptoms.

Regaining your health is more than just getting rid of symptoms such as fatigue. It means getting out of bed early in the morning feeling refreshed and full of energy. It’s looking forward to the challenges of the day because you know you have the energy to meet them. It’s having a bounding energy all through the day. Even though you work hard, study hard, train hard and play hard. It’s having just as much vitality during the evening as you do in the morning. It’s being naturally sleepy at bed time, but not exhausted.

Health is more than just being free of symptoms
such as chronic pain.

It means experiencing a new feeling of lightness throughout your body; stretching the muscles and joints produces a pleasant feeling instead of stiffness or pain. Even if you didn’t notice that you had stiff joints before, when you regain your Systemic Health you realize how stiff they were compared to the new freedom of movement you enjoy. Stiffness develops so gradually over a long period of time that you may not have noticed the change.

Restoring your health means more than
just correcting digestive problems…

…and getting rid of symptoms such as abdominal gas and bloating. It’s regaining the highly refined sense of taste and smell you didn’t know you had lost! Foods taste more flavorful. Processed foods don’t taste as good and you find yourself drawn toward the flavors of natural, wholesome foods. You enjoy eating more than ever, but your appetite is back to normal and you no longer have exaggerated cravings or food sensitivities.

Restoring your health means more than
temporarily fighting off an infection.

Whether it’s a child’s chronic ear infection, a respiratory infection, or a more serious life-threatening infection, regaining your Systemic Health means that your immune system rarely allows any infection to get the upper hand.

Consider a quote by the man who taught this author how to restore his health. On the day that I met him, he said:

“If you could somehow experience for an hour
what it’s like to have your natural health and vitality back,
you would be amazed at how wonderful it feels!
You would do everything within your power
to regain it and keep it.”

Because I was very sick, those two sentences stuck in my mind. They became my battle cry! It was my inspiration to do my very best in the fight to regain my health. And he was absolutely right. When I fully regained my natural state of vitality and health, I was amazed at how wonderful it felt!

I felt like a completely new person.

I decided to become a teacher of health recovery and preservation, because I wanted to share the experience with other people. That initial experience has kept me in the health education field for more than 50 years, because it has been a great delight to help people to regain their health.

In the next post you will learn about what we think is the clearest definition of health. What we call Systemic Health is the simplest, clearest understanding of what our health is meant to be.

Health is the normal operation
of the Three Systemic Functions.

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