A Magnificent Obsession for Health

From the time I regained my health I’ve had a magnificent obsession to help other people overcome chronic health problems. Learning the health traditions of the older cultures was an interesting study for me, but a long and complex one that started before my teens and lasted for decades.

It has been my passion, perhaps an obsession,
to simplify the process of learning how to be healthy.

An easy to understand and apply, time efficient and simple to teach program has always been my goal.

I also wanted my children to grow up understanding how to be healthy. I noticed over the years that when parents help their children practice the techniques described in this course as they grow up, the whole family tends to stay healthier. You can start a new tradition of health in your family, too.

Regaining my Systemic Health changed my life completely. I have enjoyed an unusual level of good health for more than 50 years. I’ve also been able to enjoy the rewarding experience of helping others regain their health.

The purpose of this course is to give you the core principles of an ancient way of understanding:

1. what health is
2. why we loose our health
3. how to regain and keep our health

However, it is impossible in this introductory material to effectively teach the five Systemic Health Techniques and the Systemic Health Principles they are based on. Each of the techniques requires thorough instruction. That’s what the The Systemic Health Recovery Course is for. If you are ready to begin your return to vibrant health, your first step is the ebook The Introduction to Systemic Health: Core Principles of Health Preservation. I hope you will take the first step and get started. You will be greatly rewarded if you do.

"The 4 Real Root Causes of Your Health Problems"
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