Meet Russ Sinclair

Hello, I’m Russ Sinclair. I was diagnosed with asthma and other chronic illnesses at age two. Medical care controlled my symptoms, but did not address root causes. Consequently, my asthma gradually got worse and the same root causes led to many other chronic health issues such as arthritis, environmental allergies, food sensitivities, heart problems, kidney and skin problems, and a lingering fatigue.

My quest for health, and my desire to understand the underlying causes of chronic health problems, lead me to extensive research in the natural therapeutic traditions in India, China, Israel and many places in Europe.

I recovered from all my ailments within a year after discovering and applying the principles and techniques of what I eventually came to call Systemic Health.

“My sickly start in life turned out to be a blessing.
It gave me the determination to find the root causes
of chronic health problems and how to correct them.
I discovered a level of health that surprised even healthy people.
Regaining my Systemic Health changed my life completely.”

In 1983 I founded The Systemic Health Institute in San Diego, California. I teach Systemic Health and natural therapeutics internationally and I’m the author of The Systemic Health Recovery Course which coaches clients step-by-step through recovery from chronic health problems. My company has produced seminars for physicians, patient education materials and a syndicated radio broadcast. I was for many years adjunct faculty at Bastyr University School of Medicine in Seattle, Washington. I’m a sought after speaker on prevention of and recovery from chronic health problems.

I live in Spokane, WA with my wife Our daughter Christy holds her Ph.D. in clinical psychology and lives in Oakland, CA with her husband Chris and son Jackson.

To read more about my journey from chronic illness to vibrant health, and how my experience can help you, read the page titled The Explosive Increase of Chronic Health Problems.

If you are ready to begin your journey back the the natural, vibrant health that you were meant to have, start with my ebook, The Introduction to Systemic Health: Core Principles of Health Preservation. It’s an explanation of the core principles of Systemic Health and an overview of The Systemic Health Recovery Course.